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An Alternative Legal Solution

Arbitration is a way to end disputes that is oftentimes cheaper and timelier than going to trial. In arbitration, both parties involved in a conflict select a neutral third party to serve as an arbitrator. The arbitrator presides over a hearing, during which both sides present evidence and arguments.

Arbitrators, like judges, can award a variety of remedies in many areas. These may include ordering one party to pay the other a sum of money, ordering one party or another to do or not to do something, or the performance of a contract.

Although arbitration is often a better alternative to litigation, it is not for everyone; cases involving family law, immigration law, and criminal law cannot be arbitrated because the parties cannot enter into an agreement without restriction.

The advantages of arbitration include:

  • It is cheaper than even the speediest of trials
  • Takes less time than litigation
  • Offers both binding and non-binding agreements
  • Overflowing court dockets can be avoided
  • Private rather than public proceedings, preserving privacy
  • Appeals cannot be made
  • Judicial precedents do not have to be followed

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