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Every divorce proceeding is unique to the family and requires a trained legal team to find the best possible outcome. The Law Offices of Wesley L. Clarke have divorce lawyers on our team who are capable of handling amicable separations as well as complex asset division and custody agreements. We are dedicated, no matter what the circumstances are, to providing the experienced legal counsel you need to make informed choices for your family’s future.

Navigating a DC Divorce Settlement

Dissolving a marriage involves more than the marriage certificate. Most unions of any length of time will involve joint property and assets and sometimes children or family businesses. Our divorce attorneys will assist with all elements of a divorce proceeding with your best interests in mind so that you can make decisions that prepare you and your family for a stable future.

Child custody: Divorce impacts children’s lives. So the most sensitive and complex issue in a divorce is securing the best possible custody arrangement based on your unique family situation. This can involve parent and grandparent visitation and/or care, so talk to us today about the situation you feel is right for your children.

Alimony: Spousal support payments, or alimony, can help cover the cost of living for a spouse who earns less or did not work in the marriage. DC has laws governing how to determine a fair amount of support, and our team will ensure that you pay or receive a fair amount under the law.

Complex business evaluation: Dividing the value of a family business must include a forecast of the business’s future value, not just present net worth. Make sure you hire experienced attorneys who can accurately value the share of the business you’re entitled to keep in a divorce.

Evaluation and division of assets: A married couple’s assets can include property, personal belongings, bank account balances, mutual funds, stocks and securities, retirement accounts, and more. Our firm will advocate on your behalf to retain your share of wealth and distribute it at the end of the proceedings.

Debt management: If you or your partner has debt, the total value might be distributed or managed during the divorce like an asset.


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Wesley Clarke’s team of attorneys specialize in family law, particularly in divorce proceedings and helping families establish equitable child visitation/custody agreements that respond to and recognize all family relationships in the best possible way.

If you are considering divorce, our firm has 20 years of experience and knowledge in divorce proceedings. To schedule an appointment, contact us today at 202-257-9730!

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